Start from late of 2019 to date China has been facing hugest loss of its population ever. Similarly, the whole world’s population is either effected or infected by Covid-19, so we can realize it isn’t morally, geography or culturally based disease instead of pandemic which spreads physiological contact because this virus is transmitted through contaminated fluid from ill person to host of uninfected person whether eyes,noise,mouth or touching.

In addition, it resulted global mobility stuck , economic crises, confusion as well as dicrease of total quality of life. In contrast, there is big debate among the scientists which says that this pandemic had been manipulated via lap and it is a biological weapon targeted to China,but WHO disproved and urgued that this is a zoonotic disease ,means it have been transmitted through humans and animal interactions such as consuming animal products and rearing.

Moreover, in Africa it reached earlier, yet it haven’t caused thousands of deaths .Whereas, it killed more than half million people in globally and infected more than three millions .Also, USA,UK,Italy and Spain have the greatest amount of death caused by Covid-19. On the other hand, Djibouti and Somalia confirmed around thousand infected persons ,but Somalia has more death than Djibouti.

In generally, so many clinical trials have been made by developed countries ,but still there is no effective treatment which is discovered and announced. Except Remidesivir which was formerly recommended to patients who suffered with Ebola.Also, this drug can make fast recovering by shorting the period , but it cannot directly combating the disease and it couldn’t safe some patients.

Furthermore, Somaliland has the lowest Covid-19 prevalence in Horn of Africa since the total cases which MoHD reported are only 12. In emphasis, the GoSL suspended Khat importation and this resulted less crowd because formally lot of chewers used to sat together in very small Merfish and it could facilitate easily transmission of the pandemic.Last but not least , it seems that it will continue until is gotten its cure and Africa will be having the last cases of Covid-19.

Author : Khaalid Curaagte